Friday, September 18, 2009


HafezRue Saint-Michel 15, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

We enjoyed a very nice Iranian lunch while in Belgium. There are a few different Iranian restaurants but this one was in the city center and easy to find as it is on the same street as Place Des Martyrs and right off a major shopping street.

Yogurt Drink or DourYogurt Drink (Dour: French pronunciation)
I loved loved loved this Drink. Ice cold salty sour.

Yummy From the top left: rice and kebab (chelow kabab koobideh), Meat and tomato stew with dal (khoresht gheimeh), Meat stew with herbs and beans (khoreshte ghormeh sabzi), and yogurt and cucumber and mint powder (maast va khiyar).

We asked what was good, and then ordered one of each. Everything was great. The host/chef was friendly and we would go there again.


  1. That meal looks great. Time for a kebab recipe. Will be getting some goat soon, would kebab work for goat?

  2. I've never made kebabs with meat, I'll try next weekend and let you know Goat would be fine.


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