Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Homemade Orecchiette

Homemade Orecchiette (pasta) by Ng @ Whats for Dinner?When I posted that I used store bought Orecchiette my mom commented with the recipe for homemade ones.
Homemade Orecchiette by Ng @ Whats for Dinner?"To make orecchiette, take equal amounts flour and semolina. If I remember maybe 2 cups each. Put in middle of table (or large bowl if you like), but with my nonna, we made a mound on the table, and made a volcano in the middle. Sprinkle some salt over all, add about 1 cup water into the volcano, and work it in with a fork. It may not all work in, but you will get a dough. Knead the dough. Divide into several chunks, roll into snakes about as fat as your thumb. Then cut into pieces about 1/2" thick. Put that cut piece in your left palm. Now stick your right thumb tip into it, and form over your thumb tip. Pinch the sides alittle, and put on a clean towel to dry.Use the leftover flour/semolina mixture on your hands and cutting surfaces to keep dough from sticking."
Homemade Orecchiette by Ng @ Whats for Dinner?I started to make the pasta before I remembered that I didn't have any semolina. I went ahead anyway. I had to add more flour for rolling. But came out really well. Really simply, but not fast.
Homemade Orecchiette by Ng @ Whats for Dinner?I cook the Orecchiette in salted boiling water until they floated (about 2 min). Then mixed them a sauce of fresh tomatoes, capers, olives, and topped with parmesan. Came out a bit on the chewy side, next time I'll use the semolina.


  1. That was yummy, Some fresh parsly will give a nice presentaion plus a a fresh smell. I love it.

  2. Looks just like what my grandma made! Must be in the genes!


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