Monday, October 8, 2012

Have a Heart!

Have a Heart! by Ng at What's for Dinner?
 Lambs heart that is.  Heart is one of my fav cuts of meat and in Ireland is so easy to find yummy lamb hearts. I hate having to clean it but once its all cut up its a fast and easy meat to cook.
Cutting up a lambs heart by Ng @ What's for Dinner?
 To clean the heart cut off all the fat and anything that seems gross...(feed to your cat) Then slice up.  I know than in Ireland they like keep the heart whole and stuffing it, but if you cut up the heart no one knows they are eating heart.

Lamb Heart with Onions
serves 4
4 lamb hearts (cleaned and cut)
1 tsp oil
1 onion sliced
2 cloves garlic sliced
1 Tbs tomato paste
1/4 tsp cumin
1/4 tsp hot pepper
salt, pepper and feast herbs

Heat a pan with oil over med heat.  Brown the onion and garlic. Add the heart, tomato paste, spices, salt and pepper.  Mix and add a bit of water to the pan.  Cook heart for about 5 min add some feash herbs and enjoy with rice, bead or pasta.

Irish lamb heart a cheap and easy. by Ng @ Whats for Dinner?
Irish (Lamb) Heart' and easy.

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  1. this has an angee hallmark, "no one knows they are eating it!" hahaha!


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